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by rakshitdaga

What is the tech needed to run and power India’s largest online grocery ? BigBasket is a born in the cloud startup that runs a distributed polyglot infrastructure with hundreds of servers and terabytes of data empowering a single minded pursuit. Customer Delight!

We chase problems that have been the holy grail of computer science – route optimisation, optimised picking and packaging, hyperlocal on time deliveries across the country. Our fresh supply chain that procures directly from farmers and short inventory cycle is the stuff of legends.

Have we solved it all ? Clearly not! As a company, we are in the zone where the technology has evolved over a period of seven years and we have several areas which are ripe to be re-looked at. Micro services is the new mantra this year with significant investments happening in containers, orchestration architectures along with aysnchronous programming models. While this happens we are in a phase of breakneck growth and numerous innovations both for our end users as well as warehouse and operational logistics models.

We are a startup that has crossed over from birth pangs into a period of hyper growth and the sheer energy on the engineering floor makes every single day of work an exciting day of work. As we go into areas and scale that few before us have ventured into, we are discovering and inventing processes that try and setup the foundation for a mix of agility and maturity. Above all, we are focussed on creating a customer focussed culture that is transparent with zero politicking.

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